Effective 01 July, 2016 the shipper must provide the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) to the carrier prior to vessel load list cut off.

1. What is the VGM?

VGM = Cargo packaging and Bracing/Securing equipment + Container tare weight


2. What are your options as a shipper?

Method 1: Take a loaded container over a weighbridge, subtract the weight of the truck, chassis and fuel to get the weight of the packed container.

Method 2: Weigh each item – including packaging, palletising, dunnage and other securing materials – going into the box. Add that sum to the weight of the container to find the weight of the packed container.


3. What happens if you are non-compliant?

To comply with the global regulations, carriers will follow a “no VGM, no load” policy across all countries. Specific requirements across governments, ports and terminals can differ. VGM submission cut off deadlines will vary from terminal to terminal.

In addition, it is important to note that selected terminals may adapt a “no VGM, no gate in” policy at their premises. Consequential liabilities / costs for misdeclaration will be to shippers’ responsibility and expenses.

4. How to submit the VGM?


5. What are the business impacts?


6. Additional information

Information required:

  • Shipper name
  • Bill of lading number
  • Container number
  • Weighing method (1 or 2)
  • Total VGM
  • Unit of measure (KG/LBS)
  • Authorised person contact details
  • Weighing party address and contact details (if 3rd party)

What is the VGM cut-off?

In order to abide by the VGM policy, a packed container without a VGM declaration will NOT be loaded on the vessel or gate in terminals for which VGM is not timely provided by shipper before VGM cut-off.

Heneways will provide the VGM cut-off time together with the booking confirmation. If shipper fails to provide VGM, any extra charges will be for the shippers account.

Information required:

Heneways Freight Services has no obligation to verify whether VGM weight is correct or not. If, however, there is a discrepancy beyond defined tolerance levels, carriers have the right to request shipper resubmit the correct VGM. If shipper fails to provide VGM, the carrier may apply “no VGM, no gate in” rule. For safety reasons, should the weight of the packed container exceed the mass gross weight, even though the shipper has submitted a VGM, the carrier reserves the right to off load the overweight container.

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